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SYSA is committed to encouraging the development of young referees.


Refereeing helps develop confidence, leadership qualities, and provides a different perspective of the game.


If you are 12+ and interested in becoming a referee, follow the link below.

 What it takes to be a Referee:

Love of the Game: First and foremost, you must love the game. Referees are some of the biggest fans of the sport. What better way to show that love, than being on the field making sure both teams play the game fairly and correctly?

Know the Laws: Did you know there are only 17 Rules or "Laws" in soccer. Those 17 Laws define everything from how big the fields must be to how the game is started and stopped. You can actually download the rules in an App and bring it with you! Get it here from IFAB for free. 

Get Certified: If you're 13 years old or older, you are permitted to get your certification. It's as simply as watching some online videos and then meeting with other new officials on the field for an in person training. That's it! You can find all the latest information on the State Referee Committee's Website

 What a Referee needs:

Every team wears a uniform, and the referee team is no different. 

Referee Uniforms: 

1. A yellow shirt (either long or short sleeve, your preference)

2. Black socks

3. Black shorts

4. A whistle and a set of flags
5. A set of Yellow/Red cards


Other items that may be useful would be a second color shirt (we suggest Black), match report forms (for inside the Yellow/Red card holders), and a duffle bag.



The Official Supplier of USSF Referees


Capelli Sports

A proud partner of the RI Referee Program:

RI Referee Store Password is rhodeisland

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