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Playoff Rules:

  • All Games Are Full Games

  • If tied at the end of Regulations, we go right into PKs.

  • Any player can take kicks, even if they are not on the field at the time the game ends.

Penalty Kick Procedure:

1) The referee tosses a coin. Winner chooses whether to kick first or second

2) The teams take alternate kicks. Players cannot take another kick until all their team-mates have taken one.

3) Each team takes up to five kicks. If one team scores more goals than the other team could score, even if they scored with all their remaining kicks their five kicks, they are the winners. (For example, it’s kick number 4 and Team A has 3 Goals and Team B has 0. Even if Team B Scores kicks 4 and 5, they would be able to get a max of 2 goals, meaning Team A will win)

4) If the scores are level after each team has taken five kicks, the penalties continue into ‘sudden death’, where kicks are taken alternately until one team has scored more than the other team after the same number of kicks.


5) If all the players have taken a kick and the scores are still level, a second round starts – the teams can change the order of kickers for this round. If the kicker commits an offence, their kick is recorded as missed (whether or not they score).


Link with more info if needed.

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