Q. I've registered for rec but I have not heard anything yet.
A. First, be sure that you have properly registered and the program is showing up in your child's GotSport account.  Your child will be notified within 7-10 days prior to the start of the season. 

Q. I'd like my son or daughter to play on a particular team or for a particular coach.
A. Unforunately, we can only accomodate requests of this nature to ensure siblings in the same age group are on the same team or when a player is associated with a sponsor of a particular team.  If you are coaching a team, your child will automatically be on your team.

Q. What do I need to play soccer?
A. Shin guards, socks over shinguards, a ball (size 3 up to grade 2, size 4 through grade 6 and size 5 7th grade and up) and cleats or sneakers. **Girls 5-7 recreation program uses a size 4 ball as they are a split age group 

Q. When do I register for Recreational soccer?
A. Registration occurs from June until August 1st.

Q. When will practices start? When and where and how often?
A. Pratices will start the week before the first game and be held on a day and time selected by your teams coach.  This will be communicated to you by that coach.  We are unable to swap your child's team if you have a conflict with the practice day/time.  Practices are held at Deerfield park and are once a week for 1 hour.

Q. Can my child play in a higher or lower age group?
A. No, players may not play in a different age group than their grade level allows. 

Q. How can I become a recreational soccer coach?
A. Email us at vprecreation@sysa-ri.com and we will set you up!

Q. How can I become a competitive soccer coach?
A. Email us at vpcompetitive@sysa-ri.com

Q. How old does my child need to be to play soccer?
A. Children must be 3 years old to start in our Li'l Strikers program

Q. My child just got their ears pierced, can they play with earrings in?

A. No, absolutely not.  No jewelry of any kind is permitted on the playing field.   Your child's piercing will not close in a 1 hour time span.

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