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Important Information

1. Players are required to wear shin guards with socks pulled up over them.

2. Cleats are not mandatory but recommended.

3. Players should tuck their game jersey into their shorts prior to game starting.

4. Every player should bring the appropriate size ball to all training sessions as coaches should be working on a lot of individual skills that require all players to get maximum amount of touches on the ball.


Ball Size specs:

U5, U6 & U8 (Pre-school-2nd grade) Size 3 ball

U10 & U12  (2nd grade-5th grade)  Size 4 Ball

U14 & up (middle school and up)  Size 5 Full regulation ball

Number of players on field:

U8    4 vs. 4 (2 games on fields side by side)

U10   7 vs. 7

U12   8 vs 8

U15  11 vs 11

U18   8 vs 8

Recreation playing up rules

 In order to play up (i.e. having a u10 player play in u12 or for recreation a 4th/5th grader playing in the middle school group), the guidelines for rec require 2 letters of recommendation from coaches, a letter from parent AND that they be ranked in the top percentage in their age group.  In some cases, unless the player ranks in the top % of their age group, any request to play up will unfortunately be denied.