Lightning safety


The game referee, SYSA referee coordinator, SYSA safety coordinator or SYSA field coordinator

have the discretion to cancel games due to  unsafe local conditions, such as foul weather or other

unacceptable playing conditions. The decision shall be at the discretion of the referees/coordinators

without any interference from coaches, players  or spectators. Player safety will be the primary criterion

for the cancellation of any game; not simply whether everyone present wishes to play or not.  In the

event lightning is detected in the area, all play will immediately suspend.  The  referee can restart the

game, if within 20 minutes of the game suspension, the  lightning threat is over. If by 40 minutes the

lightning  threat is not over, the  Referee will terminate the game.  The count of 20 minutes starts at the

time of the last detected lightning.

 If a game is terminated after the completion of  the first half, the score at that time will be the

final score. If a game is terminated  prior to the end of the first half, the game will be replayed. SYSA  will

confirm the  replay date and time.

During practice or tryout sessions the lightning policy as stated above is in effect.  If anyone

present at the field detects lightning the session should be suspended immediately and players/coaches

should report to a safe place; preferably an automobile.  While it is recommended that the coach

terminate the session for that day; he/she can restart the session, if within 20 minutes of the

suspension, the lightning threat is over.






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